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Fraudology Podcast

Dec 3, 2020

Most fraud departments for Fortune 500 e-commerce companies are seeing a steep rise in fraud chargebacks and customer contacts reporting account takeovers and stolen cards. And when it reaches these points, that means the systems & processes being relied on aren't catching everything.

Eli Dominitz, the CEO of Q6 Cyber joins the Fraudology podcast to explain what technology, processes, and methods are being used by organized cybercrime to circumvent fraud prevention guardrails that have become standard for identifying fraudulent purchases and behavior over the last few years. And, they talk about some* of what can be done to identify these methods going forward (Not all prevention strategies can/should be shared on a public forum, of course).

If you have noticed an increase in difficult-to-detect account takeovers or re-shipping fraud, or have noticed other new fraud behavior, this episode can't be missed! And, if you haven't yet noticed this, you should know what to look out for as these methods grow like wildfire, and will soon be impacting small to medium-sized companies next!

To download a copy of the whitepaper discussed on this episode, co-authored by Karisse Hendrick at Chargelytics Consulting (Host) and Eli Dominitz, CEO of Q6 Cyber:

To learn more about Q6 Cyber and their services, or to book a free analysis call for your organization:

We'd love to hear what you learned today, or if there is a topic you would like to heard discussed further on a future episode. You can reach us at or contact Karisse on LinkedIn:


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