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Fraudology Podcast

May 27, 2021

Buy Now, Pay Later is becoming a popular payment method for online shoppers in several geographies all over the world. While it is responsible for attracting more consumers, (especially Millenials & Gen-Z consumers) is it also responsible for attracting a new type of fraud? And if you're a merchant accepting a BNPL payment method on your site, but the BNPL takes all liability for any fraudulent transactions, should you still be screening those orders? Or do you turn a blind eye because it won't be your company's financial loss if a stolen card was used to pay the BNPL in installments?

In this episode, Karisse will provide an overview of the BNPL landscape, primarily from the perspective of an online merchant. She will also share the fraud issues and concerns that merchants already accepting some of these payment methods are seeing, and how it is still impacting their business' bottom line, even without liability on the BNPL transactions. Karisse will also talk about the importance of fully understanding the terms of these agreements, among other important tips to consider.

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